Naturopathic Services

Naturopathic Services
Hand picked, organic herbal remedies tailored just for you.

Botanical Medicine

We use traditional western herbs handmade from our master herbalist. We tailor all our herbal remedies specifically for you. The herbs are hand picked, hand made and definitely organic. You won’t find this kind of originality on a store shelf.


Based on the Law of Similars or “like cures like,” homeopathy treats the individual down to specific personality traits. This is a gentle type of medicine that matches a specific plant, animal or mineral with you to provide relief of symptoms. It is amazing for anxiety and depression and pretty much anything that ails you!

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Both Acupuncture and TCM encompass balance when regulating your systems. Based on qi (chi) energy acupuncture uses fine tipped needles (the size of a strand of hair!) to harmonize your body’s own energy. If particular organs are out of balance acupuncture can move their unique energy in the right direction based on your practitioner’s needle technique. TCM uses traditional eastern herbs alongside acupuncture with dietary changes. Therefore, acupuncture and TCM can regulate almost any area in your body. I particularly like using acupuncture for pain and injury where it stimulates your body’s healing process, removing swelling and inflammation. It’s also particularly useful for anti-aging, pre and post labor, anxiety and depression, weight loss, TMJ and smoking cessation.

Doula Services


A Doula is there for the woman during her birth experience and throughout her pregnancy. I teach a special class for mothers and fathers of the lucky gal so they can provide some help during labor and delivery. Having been a doula for almost twenty years I’ve attended a lot of births. However, the hospital in Sydney is not very supportive of labor support persons so we’ll have to be very firm in our wishes together. If you would like to be the support person for your beloved I’ll teach you how!

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It goes without saying that we are what we eat, but I’d take it a step further and say we only are what we absorb. Stomach and bowel issues like reflux and IBS are not normal. They are usually caused by poor dietary choices! Get a food intolerance test (done in house) or talk to Nicole about dietary solutions. No one said changing your diet is easy, but diet or pills? They’re not CANDY…. they all have side effects!! Time to eat right for health, harmony and weight loss. We can always find the right dietary solution for you.

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