Spa Services

Spa Services

Fat Lipolysis/Body Contouring/Body Sculpting

Otherwise known as fat “busting” and reshaping our curves! Our machine uses radio waves set on a particular frequency to burst fat cells.  It’s like getting an Ultrasound.  We measure you before and after and typically people lose a half-1 inch with every use.  You must drink 1.5-3L of water/day while doing treatment.  Of course this is not a miracle machine if you go home and eat three cheeseburgers you will gain your inch back.  Therefore this is best done while watching what you eat as well.  This machine is however amazing at tightening, toning, lifting slack skin and breaking up scar tissue.  We can also combine it with our light laser to  diminish scars and lighten surgical incisions. Remember if you are on a weight loss protocol with us your lasers could be covered by insurance.  Please inquire!

$40 per area

$60 3 areas

Juice Plus weight loss clients $25 per area

The Ultimate Facial

Our best selling laser product.  We believe we have the best and least expensive facial in Sydney.  First radio waves tighten, tone and lift the skin.  Next our light lasers lighten dark circles, clear acne, spider veins and discoloration.  This puppy is amazing at irradicating rosacea!  Last but not least we hand make daily a green tea rosewater face mask infused with homeopathics and anti-oxidants to repair and replenish your face.  Remember if you are seeking naturopathic treatment for roseacea your laser could be covered by insurance.  Please inquire!!

only    $60 wow!

Spider Vein Removal

Our light lasers diminish those pesky red/blue spider veins.  This can also be covered by insurance if you are on a naturopathic protocol.

small $25

large $40

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